Before you wish or Celebrate Onam..Think

Assalamu Alaikum

Thought of sharing the following when saw a lot of brothers wishing Onam greeting, without knowing or realizing the real fact and danger behind the so called festival.

You may be having a misconcept that what is there just to say ONAM GREETINGS or just clicking a "forward" button of an Onam greeting to others.


This is not allowed to us as Muslims.  

There are so many myths, beliefs, superstitions involved alongwith ONAM. 
If you dig the actual reasons behind the festival, you will find out that its actually a celebration based on Hinduism, specifically Vaishnava Religion.

They just cover it up with propogating, "harvest festival, national festival., Spring festival, etc. but you note that even though they say anything, they are very keen to do

associated with Onam.

that are:

1. Pooja.
2. Early morning ritual bath and basmam,.... etc.
3. Special pooja for thrikkakkara appan.
4. Spcial lamps and ceremonies related to religion.

My question to Muslims is:-

When they are very keen to abide by their religion, why we Muslim are not keen to abide by our principles?

Some new "matha sahishnuthavaadikal" have came up with very beautiful preaches which may mislead us to think that
these kind of talkings are fanatism or religioous hardline.,....

They have succefully launched the idea that ONAM is a national festival of Kerala.  

Its very sad to see that, during the last few years,they have managed to arrange a moulavi to write "Bismillahi" on the tongue of a muslim boy in a masjid in thiruvananthapuram or somewhere. ( U see! Islamic Vidhyarambham?! just like u say, Islamic Disco dance?ha! ha!!!!!!)

This way they will pollute our religious ideas and make a scene which will look like their religion and our religion are the same, or all religions are the same.

One Muslim who believes Islam is the first and only acceptable religion in the world descended upon the mankind as a mercy from God and this is the real "hidaya" can't adopt such ideas.

If to abide once on religion is called as RELIGIOUS FUNDAMENTALISM, then I proudly announce that I AM A MUSLIM RELIGIOUS FUNDAMENTALIST.

And I hope every muslim must say that, I AM PROUD TO BE CALLED AS A RELIGIOUS FUNDAMENTALIST.

Keep sharing
Jazzak Allah Qair