The Ant’s Panic

The Prophet Sulayman alaihissalam was the son of the Prophet Dawud alaihissalam. He was a mighty king and ruled Jerusalem. He was given wonderful powers by Allah.
As a child, Sulayman alaihissalam showed wisdom and intelligence. At a very young age he surprised his father with his ideas about the rule of law.
It was when two angry men came to see Dawud alaihissalam. One of them said, “I had a beautiful field full of crops. This man’s sheep entered it and destroyed all my plants.”
Dawud alaihissalam said that the owner of the field was in the right and that he should take the sheep to make up for his loss.But Sulayman alaihissalm, who was a boy at that time, gave a better solution to the problem. “I would like to suggest,” said Sulayman alaihissalam “that the sheep be given to the owner of the field, who will use the their milk and wool.”
“After a while when the crops are fully grown, the sheep will be returned to their owner.” In this way Sulayman alaihissalam showed the difference between what was owned and what could be earned from it.
When Sulayman alaihissalam grew up, he was blessed with prophethood and became the king too. Allah gave him special knowledge.
He was able to understand the language of the birds.
By Allah’s special favour he could control the winds.
He was also in control of the jinn. He used to employ them in any way he likes.
One day Sulayman alaihissalam was passing through a valley along with his mighty army. In the valley there lived a large number of ants.
Seeing the huge army coming , one of the ants shouted a warning to its fellow ants: “Get into your homes before Sulayman and his army tread on you by mistake!”
Sulayman alaihissalam heard what the ant said and smiled. Because of Allah’s great boon to him, he was able to understand languages that others could not.
He was suddenly startled by the realization of how merciful Allah had been to him. He turned to his Lord in praise and prayed: “Oh my Lord! Make me grateful to You for Your favours, which You have given me and my parents, inspire me to do what is right to please You. And through Your grace, admit me among Your righteous servants.” (Surah an Naml 27:19)
Written by Saniyasnain Khan